Chem-Ready® Wiping System

This proprietary system allows you to create a full cleaning solution by placing the roll into the bucket and adding the chemical of your choice. Chem-Ready® is cleaner, safer and simpler than traditional open bucket or spray systems.

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Proprietary non-woven material built to fight germs and scrub surfaces.

Designed for use with YOUR choice of chemical disinfectant.

Greatly reduces the possibility of surface cross-contamination.

Chem-Ready® Towel

A premium nonwoven material designed to work with the all the most populalr disinfectants. Just add the chemical of your choice and you’ve got a wiper ready to trap germs, clean surfaces, and get the job done.

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Chem-Ready® Bucket

Our Chem-Ready® bucket is easily portable, spill proof, and built-to-last. Combined with our Chem-Ready® roll, this bucket creates a fully closed cleaning system capable of handling your most demanding jobs.

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